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We will take everything upon our shoulders!

All you'll have to do will be to enjoy Your celebration.
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Transfer and accommodation
Selection of a
perfect location
Style and design
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and scenario
What is your association with an unforgettable wedding? Love, joy, fun, romance, harmonious atmosphere… It is very important that this special day fully meets expectations and leaves only pleasant memories. Preparation of a wedding requires an utterly professional approach and experience, attention to all wishes and every detail, delicate perception of the lovers' characters.

We are ready to make your dream come true, arrange and hold an excellent, stylish, directed event on a turn-key basis. A wedding with "K&M Luxury events" is an elegant celebration enriched with the distinctive, unique atmosphere of Italy!
We aim to rescue our clients from all the possible worries and troubles that usually come along with events and celebrations planning. Do you wish to be met upon arrival and transferred to the destination by a luxurious vehicle, yacht or a helicopter?

Or maybe you would like to rent a splendid villa on the coast or elegant apartments in the city centre. No worries! We are ready to offer you a full range of transfer and accommodation services around Italy.

Italy is a beautiful European country washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea where unique nature, pleasant climate, romantic landscapes and ancient architectural masterpieces create one and only mixture.

We know these places if anyone does and ready to offer you a perfect location to host your celebration in accordance with your wishes and the concept of the wedding.
A perfect wedding has to be perfect!

That's why the arrangement of a celebration is pure art when all the details are taken in consideration, its style and design are planned thoroughly, the images of clients reveal their uniqueness as well as their charisma.

Famous stylists, make up professionals, experienced decorators, florists, well-known musicians are at our disposal. Under our careful guidance, they will fulfil any ideas and wishes.

Directing a wedding at a high level is a task for highly qualified professionals.

It is a key to absolute success and triumph of an event. Due to extensive experience in the domain of luxury events planning, creative approach, subtle sense of style we create unique scenarios that set the tone and the mood of a certain event where our clients and their guests are the participants of an unforgettable show.

Only creativity and no boredom!
Perhaps, no elegant wedding can be performed without high quality of music underneath and brilliant party shows.

Our professional approach, trust relationship, personal skills and contacts based on friendship will allow us to enrich every celebration with enchanting shows of international stars, beloved celebrities of Italian and world stage, talented singers and masters of ceremonies.
There are no tasks in the sphere of planning luxury events that we can not solve!

We understand the importance and uniqueness of every well planned sumptuous celebration and undertake all arrangement giving high attention to the smallest detail.

You do not need to waste time on flights, long meetings with contractors to agree on every detail. The only thing you need is to share your dream about the ideal wedding and we will make it come true in a perfect, elegant, original way.

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Let's get acquainted!

I have worked in tourism for more than 10 years and gained extensive experience in events and routes management for tourists. I am a member of a cultural organization of guides around Italy. My Russian and Italian are fluent.

I always felt the aspiration to move forward and develop, create something aesthetically pleasing for people. This creative urge led to the sphere of luxurious celebration planning and gaining skills in it.

I have graduated from prestigious Italian schools IL Sole 24 Ore Business School, ASSOCIAZIONE WEDDING PLANNERS, ENZO MICCIO ACADEMY and got their diplomas.

I love freedom and creative work as well as socialising. My hobbies are Italian history, culture, cuisine and travelling.

Wedding planning is my true vocation. I wish to do everything possible and even more for every event!

Marianna Lugova

KM is a creative union of two like-minded people Konstantin and Marianna, we are perfectly complement each other, combining the masculine and feminine elements in ourselves, which helps to make your event perfect.
We are united by a creative approach to the work, passion and love for ourselves for our work.
I have got more than twelve years of successful experience in work and education in tourism.
I am a member of a cultural organization of guides around Italy. Russian is my mother tongue, however, my Italian is fluent. I have been living in Italy for a long time.
A few years ago an idea to move on, open new horizons, put efforts into affairs which give space for creativity and making original ideas come true was born.
It has resulted in our creative tandem in directed weddings and events planning – "K&M Luxury events".

I got my professional education and excellent practical experience in a prestigious Italian Academy WEDDING PLANNER ACADEMY SANDA PANDZA LUXURY EVENTS.

Apart from the main occupation in my free time, I plan original guided tours around Europe.
I know the price of time, that's why I am good at planning my tactic well, being one step ahead, doing what others do not dare and fulfilling my tasks accurately and right in time. Due to this, our exclusive events are always perfect!

Konstantin Karas

We work for quality, not quantity.

You can rely on us
We are in love with what we are doing and learn from the best
The main keys to our success are experience, love for what we are doing, a constant search for new ideas and courage in their realization, creative approach in innovations, stress resistance and openness in communication. We adopted our professional experience from the best celebration planners in Italy. We are up to date in fashion and style tendencies, constantly improve our knowledge and never stop learning. That's why "K&M Luxury events" today presents celebrations and weddings for the most stylish and sophisticated clients!
We know Italy from within as nobody else
We are inspired by Italy and everything that is connected to this wonderful country.
We have been living here for more than 15 years and have become experts in its geography, climate, sightseeing, specific details of local life including customs culture, cuisine, winemaking, the best places for relaxation and tourism. The combination of energy, splendour and picturesque scenes of this country with our experience, bolder and original approach is what makes every celebration extraordinary.

12 years of experience in the industry of hospitality
Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, the region of Tuscany, the island of Capri, and hundreds of beautiful cities and locations amaze guests of the country and travellers the same way as many centuries ago and until now.Due to our long and successful experience of work in the industry of hospitality and permanent residency, we have explored Italy from a completely original angle, we know the best places for a luxurious event, we can advise and show the most stunning locations that fully correspond your wishes and tastes.
Carefully selected and time-tested contractors
Flawless service is one of the key moments in hosting a good event. It is a basis for any celebration. It helps to create one entire picture of festivity as well as the subtle sense of joy and satisfaction that leaves a good aftertaste. We make a deal with experienced, verified contractors and business partners only, so we can totally rely on them. They, like us, are aware of the main principle that says - there are no insignificant details when it comes to luxurious European level services.
No boredom or cliches, only creativity
Creativity from "K&M Luxury events" is about planning different scopes of the events and creating new original trends being completely outside the box. It is about unfailing cheerfulness and enthusiasm that drives us to make even seemingly impossible ideas come true. It is about authentic projects where every detail is taken into account with love. Your unique feelings and positive emotions prove our unchangeable status – fatto in Italia, fatto con amore (Made in Italy, made with love).
Managing expenses within your budget
Cost estimating, planning expenses on a celebration constitute one of the most important tasks that reflects the entire picture of costs and the relocation of funds between different types of services. Our main advantage is our permanent residency in Italy, our successful, well run and time-tested cooperation with the best partners which makes it possible to have full control over the process of planning and offers you the most favourable prices for all the types of services.

We know all the nuances of local business and share with you how to manage costs.

We can arrange any celebration or event for you

A birthday party
Bachelorette/Bachelor party
Corporate party
A birthday party
Life in Italy reminds a continuous holiday, a pattern of colours which changes like in a kaleidoscope. Here every event is interesting and unforgettable. The opportunities of any creative ideas are enormous. We surely use them and offer to plan and hold your best birthday celebration in Italy. We do not have standard solutions for all occasions! Elegant locations, individually written scenarios, high-quality services, individual approach, well-coordinated work of the whole team guarantee perfect celebration.
Jubilee is an important event that requires special attention. It is an anniversary, a certain epitome of one's life and achievements. It is a starting point of big plans for the future. Jubilee is associated not only with close people and friends walking as one but also with business partners. The relationship with them may influence the success, career and the development of a business. This type of event requires careful preparation, well-coordinated management, and original approach. Our creative team will arrange a successful and prestigious celebration according to your wishes!
Honeymoon reflects a completely new stage of life together. Newly married couples always wish to make this period memorable, exciting, and romantic. We offer a unique vacation in Italy that meets all expectations flawlessly. A cosy chalet in the Alps, a tour around ancient towns, enchanting show programmes of Venice, shopping in Milano, a private villa for two on the shores of Lake Garda - for every couple we will make create something unforgettable together. "K&M Luxury events" make new routes for you!
Bachelorette/Bachelor part
A long standing tradition of a modern wedding consists of making parties for future bride and groom. A bachelorette/ bachelor party celebrates the end of single life. That's why there is always space for boundless, rich imagination especially if it comes to wonderful Italy. Discos, bars, big shows, journeys, luxurious cars and yachts, pastimes in elite SPA, and interesting shopping. The parties we arrange create a perfect opportunity to get some relaxation and amaze friends!
Prestigious business companies today prefer organizing different corporate events abroad. Italy is one of the most demanded countries. There is everything there to hold business conferences, seminars and meetings successfully: meeting rooms facilities, high-quality hotel services, delicious cuisine, a decent variety of thematic entertainments and excursions. We plan and hold prestigious events in Italy. We are ready to offer the best options for work meetings and relaxation to our clients.
Corporate party
True professionals make the most valuable source for any type of business. Wise leaders understand it and aim to sustain modern tendencies of work with staff. They use different options to encourage, motivate, consolidate co-workers. A perfect way to do it is a corporate party in Italy. We have unlimited opportunities to arrange a high-quality entertainment. We are also ready to set the best projects for our clients.
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Places that will remain
in your heart

Find a location
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The reviews of our customers

Photos of events in Italy

Fill a short questionnaire right now and within 4 days you will receive an offer, designed especially upon your request!

We have successfully worked in hospitality for many years, mastered not only the routes and sightseeing tours but also Italian language, culture, history, local traditions.
Today we can surely say:
« Italy is the most beautiful country in the world and people here know how to live well! »
We wish to share our positive emotions with clients, make them truly happy! We have found a perfect way to do it. So, we plan individual weddings and other events here, in Italy.

Nowadays we have extensive professional experience, great organizing skills, a reliable team, our inexhaustible potential in new creative deeds, well-established collaboration and tested contacts with service companies around the country. We know every specificity of the business relationship. For us there no "unsolvable tasks" and "hopeless situations".

Moreover, we are in love with what we are doing. We have never worked in an office and love to meet people! Our clients' inner peace and confidence are very important for us. We aim to be not simply a partner, but a reliable friend for everyone as well. Perhaps, these traits are the keys to our success in the professional field of planning exclusive luxury events.

We invite you to embrace the celebration with an elegant odour of Italy all together!
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